I, too, ordered several thingChargers in early October 2015, for what I hoped would be cool Christmas presents for friends and family. After repeated attempts to contact via email, received the same responses as everyone: "oh, very sorry you misunderstood, this was a crowd-funding campaign. once we have enough funds, we'll begin production." Ok, I was fooled, but persistent. In December 2015, was told production had begun and I should the items soon. Today is January 21, 2016, and still no products. Not even an attempt to keep us posted. Another email prompted an automatic reply stating:

"Thanks for getting in touch.

"We’re shipping now and thrilled with the quality of the product - but we’ve had SO MUCH SUPPORT over the last few weeks its taking us a little time to get back to everyone at the moment.

"We’re committed not only to shipping an amazing product but also being great with support. Please be patient with us while we respond to your email personally.

"Thank you ~ Seymour & Amy Segnit"

We'll see if we ever get our products, or a refund of $207.45. Yikes.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of thingcharger. Thingcharger needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1340974

Don't feel bad, I actually paid for and GOT four of the things. Yeah, they worked ok.

Except within months, the entire company disappeared - *poof*! - leaving me with no way to order new charging tips for my new phone and other devices (they promised they were going to be coming out with more tips...). So I now own four expensive doorstops. The creeps have moved on, got a new trademark (Magfast) for a NEW line of charging devices, no doubt using the close-to-a-million bucks they crowdfunded for Thingcharger.

Slick campaign by creeps - Amy and Seymour Segnit. I hope they wind up in prison.


Yes I was a major ***, falling for the multiple pack of chargers. I too thought they would make good gifts.


I ordered the package of buy-3-get-1-free for $127.60. In no way did I think I was "donating" to help them get their business up and running!

I am retired and thought those would make good gifts for grandkids. In late April 2016, I finally received an email - which I could not understand! That is when I learned I'd made a donation. Ugh!

They say they didn't see my email response.

What to do?! MS


I was ready to order 4 of these, but decided to read reviews first. Having read several complaints from people who were charged for their devices but didn't receive them, I now will not order.


Good morning Anonymous in Phoenix AZ, This is Kristin in Orlando FL, and I am with the thingCHARGER team. I really regret that you did not know where to find our updates after all of this time!

Good communication is the reason that we have been committed to broadcasting weekly with news on thingCHARGERs progress for over a year now. Those updates are all archived at thingcharger.com/hangouts, and a new one comes out each Friday.

If you still have a standing order with us, please contact me at hello@thingcharger.com and I will make sure that you are absolutely delighted with our product and our support going forward.


I too ordered in October, started daily emails and left voice mails to ThingCharger with no response, then filed a complaint with the BBB in New York - and surprise, got the product on December 26th. Please file a complaint - it's the only way thingcharger appears to respond.

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